Semalt Expert: Improve Your Site Performance By Excluding Your Own Visits From Google Analytics

When you check and examine your Google Analytics and observe that it is possible to exclude your own visits from it, you are taking the right decision. It is especially important for the websites that have little or no traffic because you will ensure that your analytics show off only quality results and your visitors are actually interested in reading your website's articles.

In the Google Analytics account, there are a number of options to choose from. You can keep in mind the following tips presented by Oliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, to exclude your own visits from Google Analytics.

Server side or backend method

It is one of the most amazing and wonderful ways, but its implementation is not so easy and will take a lot of time and efforts. It consists of preventing your Google Analytics' tracking code from being hacked. You are to insert this code within the HTM of your website and adjust the server's settings accordingly. This is a safe method because it will not let your visits get recorded by Google Analytics. You also have the total control over which visits should be counted and which should not. Ultimately, you are going to control your own traffic and can improve the overall performance of your website to a great extent. Plus, this method let you use the public IPs and computer devices without any problem. It is suitable for both large and small organizations and individuals.

Google Analytics filtering

This method consists of some steps and is very easy to be used based on the parameters and overall performance of your website. You should also keep an eye on the IP addresses, sources of the domain, search terms, and the titles of your pages to get the best results with this method. It is reliable, flexible and Google's most favorite methodology. That lets you have full control on the exclusion parameter of your site, and is suitable for any size of company or business. Even the individuals can set their public IP addresses with this method in a better way.

Adding cookies

Though it is one of the most favorable and well-versed methods, you should consider adding cookies to your site to prevent any problem. With this methodology, you would have to maintain a unique IP address so that Google Analytics can differentiate you from the non-reliable IPs. It is also important to work with all types of browsers and use dynamic IP addresses only, including your tablets, laptops and mobile devices. At the same time, you should not forget that this method is little expensive as you have to set the exclusion cookies for your website using different browsers and various devices. This can lead you to spend a lot of money in case you hire someone for the work. Google Analytics has not tested the reliability of this method. However, a large number of people still use it and give it high preference. You can alleviate all problems related to your Google Analytics with this method, and it is easy to create or delete the filters and adjust the HTML codes. This method is only suitable for individuals and small organizations.